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Recent Production Credits

The Mystery of Easter Island (w/t) 

NOVA, France 5 (Blink Films)

New research forces a re-examination of the Moai on Rapa Nui

Queens Who Changed the World 

C4 (Woodcut Media)

A reassessment of the contribution of certain queens across history to world events

King Charles: The Boy that Walked Alone 

Paramount+ (Blink Films)

A look at the new king’s life as told by friends, school friends, ex-girlfriends and staff

Nazca Desert Mystery

NOVA/ France 5 (Blink Films)

Recent discoveries shed new light on the mystery of the Nazca Lines

Royal Guide to...

Channel 4 (Woodcut Media)

A six-part series looking into doing things the royal way.

Exploding Earth: The Arctic Timebomb

NOVA (Blink Films)

A strange phenomenon in Siberia is worrying scientists

WINNER – 2023 duPont - Columbia Awards

Chernobyl: The New Evidence

Channel 4/ Disco Science/ PBSD (Blink Films)

Using recently released KGB docs to tell the Chernobyl story

Diana: The Truth Behind the Scandal

2021 Channel 4/ Fremantle (Blink Films)

The fall-out at the BBC following the Dyson Review into the Panorama interview

Searching for Secrets

Smithsonian (Bigger Bang)

The secrets to be found hidden in the world’s most fabulous cities

Are Women the Fitter Sex?

Channel 4/ PBS (Blink Films UK)

An exploration into genetics, sex differences and Covid-19

Royals Declassified

Channel 4/ Fremantle (Blink Films UK)

Hidden stories of the British Royal Family

Diana: The Truth Behind the Interview

Channel 4/ Fremantle (Blink Films)

The real story behind the Panorama interview and the programme that kick started Lord Dyson’s review into the BBC

Con​spiracies Decoded

Discovery Science (Bigger Bang)

Modern forensic science solving compelling mysteries

Drain the Oceans Series 2&3

Nat Geo (MSPTV)

Maritime archaeology series

SILVER MEDAL WINNER – 2020 New York Film Festival (Thai Cave Rescue)

What on Earth Series 5

Discovery Science (Wag TV)

Strange things on Earth spotted from space.

I Am A Killer

Netflix (Sky Vision)

True crime series in which death row inmates tell their own story

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