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Recent Production Credits

Nazca Desert Mystery

NOVA/ France 5 (Blink Films)

A re-investigation of the Nazca Lines

Royal Guide to...

Channel 4 (Woodcut Media)

A six-part series looking into doing things the royal way.

Exploding Earth: The Arctic Timebomb

Current NOVA (Blink Films)

A strange phenomenon in Siberia is worrying scientists

Chernobyl: The New Evidence

Current Channel 4/ Disco Science/ PBSD (Blink Films)

Using recently released KGB docs to tell the Chernobyl story

Diana: The Truth Behind the Scandal

2021 Channel 4/ Fremantle (Blink Films)

The fall-out at the BBC following the Dyson Review into the Panorama interview

Searching for Secrets

2021 Smithsonian (Bigger Bang)

Executive Producer 3x60

Are Women the Fitter Sex?

2020 Channel 4/ PBS (Blink Films UK)

Executive Producer 1x60

Royals Declassified

2020 Channel 4/ Fremantle (Blink Films UK)

Executive Producer 3x60

Diana: The Truth Behind the Interview

2020 Channel 4/ Fremantle (Blink Films)

Executive Producer 1x60

Conspiracies Decoded

2020 Discovery Science (Bigger Bang)

Executive Producer 1x60

Drain the Oceans Series 3

2018/19 for Nat Geo (MSPTV)

Show Runner/ Executive Producer 10x60

Drain the Oceans Series 2

2018/19 for Nat Geo (MSPTV)

Show Runner 15x60

What on Earth Series 5

2018 for Discovery Science (Wag TV)

Executive Producer 20x60

I Am A Killer

2017/18 for Netflix (Sky Vision)

Executive Producer 10x60

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